July 7

Day 99 Glenwood, NJ Zero Day 1354.6 miles total

Felt very fortunate that I wasn’t hiking today. Lots of rain in morning and afternoon.

Stopped by Ferring (former employer) office today. Saw lots of familiar faces.

Leaving Lake Hopatcong in AM. Thanks to everyone who gave me a ride, came out to see me, and especially to John and Jen for your hospitality. I’ve had a great time passing through!

This stop has really made me aware of the large number of people who are into this adventure. Mind boggling. Thanks so much to all of you for your amazing support. I know that I don’t walk alone.

Happy trails!

5 thoughts on “July 7

  1. And you will continue to gather support as you near the end – As the song says, “Each step I take, just leads me “closer” to home – Blessings …..


  2. Pete,

    Great to see you. You look fit and I’m certain of your ultimate success. Watch your footing and trek on!



  3. Pete. Met you on July 4th when my family and I were hiking near Crater Lake N J Been checking your blogs since Looking forward to watching the rest of your journey Good Luck and be safe Jeff Mueller


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