August 14

Day 137 Lonesome Tentsite to Mt Garfield Tentsite (13.3 miles) 1826.6 miles total

Hard but really amazing day of hiking.

Stopped by Lonesome Lake Hut about 9AM. Talk about exceeding expectations. Amazing.

This is right on trail. Front door to kitchen/dining room. There were also 2 bunkhouses.


Below is dining area. During day they sell baked goods ($2), coffee, lemonade ($1) to hikers.


This is kitchen area. Hikers can also get water and there’s a bathroom. They also have bowls of soup for sale. I was a bit early for that.


I’ll be a guest at Mitzpah Spring Hut on Wed. Member of the Croo (full-time employee at Hut) told me a thru-hiker who stays as a guest has the ultimate time. “Get there early.”

This is Lonesome Lake. 50 yds from Hut with a dock and seating area. 2 older guys sitting there watching a family of ducks swim by. One guy says to other “I wonder what the lifespan of a duck is.” From behind I said “Where I come from it’s until they get shot.” These guys did not think funny! Gave me dirty stares. I thought it was hilarious!

image1 (3)

The other good thing that happened at Hut is another Croo member told me that I’m through the worst of Whites. “There’s some as bad but nothing worse.” That put a little spring in my step!

This is from Little Haystack Mtn looking up to Mt Lincoln. Yeah, we’re going there.



Mt Lincoln looking up to Mt Lafayette. Going there too.


These last 3 peaks are all above tree line. Views are spectacular.

This is looking back to Lonesome Lake. 9.5 miles of tough but rewarding hiking.

image2 (1)image3 (1)

This is view from Mt Garfield (tenting 20 yds from there) back at Mt Lafayette.

Tomorrow will cross South Twin Mtn (4902′) and Mt Guyot (4580′). Also will go by 2 Huts!

Happy trails!

6 thoughts on “August 14

  1. Funny, I had the same thought as you when I read the duck life question…And I guess you did get an app that is letting you identify all these peaks. Love reading your diary!


  2. Bet you have good feelings about coming to 2 huts on your Wed. trek. The picture you sent of the hut looks really nice and thinking you are over the worst of the Whites must make you happy too. I know I am! Hope the weather stays good and you can keep on walking, 363.6 from Garfield. WOW, think how far you have come. Stay safe and happy hiking. Love You, MOM


  3. Looking forward to the 2 Huts PLUS being a “guest” at Mitzpah Spring Hut instead of a helper. You deserve this Just Pete!! You’re OUR Pete and I continue to be impressed and proud each day!!!


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