Day 26 Muros de Nalón to Cadavedo 20 miles (395 miles total)

Great day of hiking today. Little haze and humidity but trail and scenery were muy buen!

Most of today the Camino avoided roads and was on trails. Lots of walking through forests, up and down hills, and across streams. Much more similar to AT hiking…except 0 falls. I shouldn’t even say that. Watch me wipe out tomorrow!


This is the Quinta de El Pito, known also as the Versailles of Austurias. They wouldn’t let me any closer than this.

unnamed (1)

The amount of money that was spent on churches back in those days flabbergasts me. Seems like that it was more about empire building than sharing the gospel and helping your fellow man.


The “Hola” smile of the day goes to a fellow pilgrim. Roberto is 82 years old. Told me he tries to make 9-12 miles/day. Told him I just hope to be upright at that age! Great attitude!

unnamed (2)

One of the unique (and spectacular) things today was that one minute you’re walking through a forest of eucalyptus trees and bamboo, then you get to an opening and there’s the ocean.

unnamed (3)

You can really see the haze up in the mountains. All of the ups and downs combined with the humidity to make for lots of perspiration. I won’t tell you how many days since last laundry but wouldn’t be surprised if you can smell me while reading this!

unnamed (4)

The highlight of the day happened about noon as I passed through a small village. An older couple were out attempting to pick lemons from a large lemon tree next to their house. He had a fruit grabbing tool and was reaching as far as he could while she held on to his belt loop to keep him from toppling over.

I stopped and, in my best Spanish mime, pointed at myself, then the grabber tool, and then the tree. They were more than happy for the help!

I picked until they told me to stop (just when I was getting good at it!). They were both so grateful. As I was getting ready to leave they kept asking me something. Of course I couldn’t understand. They may have been asking me to stay for lunch or could have been asking me to marry their daughter. We’ll never know!

unnamed (5)

If you’ve got an old bicycle sitting around (doesn’t everyone?), here’s an idea. This was theme of the town. Saw 5 or 6 of them painted and potted.

unnamed (6)

These cows have it made. Lush pastures and amazing views. What more could they possibly ask for?

unnamed (7)

I don’t get tired of the views. Sometimes today I got tired of the climbing but never the views.

unnamed (8)

That giant alligator swimming by looks almost like a rock formation.

unnamed (9)

Today (and lots of other days) I really appreciated how fortunate I am to be physically able to do this. There is only one way to get to a view like this and that is to walk.

unnamed (10)

Spending tonight in upstairs bedroom of a lady’s house for $20. She’s doing my laundry for $6. Hope the smell doesn’t knock her out!

Happy trails and buen Camino!


2 thoughts on “Day 26 Muros de Nalón to Cadavedo 20 miles (395 miles total)

  1. You had an interesting and spectacular hike this day. What a nice couple you encountered and were able to help. Kudos to the 82 year old, still hiking. WOW! Love the views from your pictures, they are amazing. Take care. Love You, MOM

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