Day 42 Burlington, IA 0 miles (2551 total miles)

My legs were very tired when I got up this morning. I knew that I had to ride nearly 90 miles to Quincy, IL. Not any real options for stopping between here and there.

Called Kris early in the AM. Figured she’d be out getting her 25,000 steps in. She was. I was hoping she’d encourage me to take a day off. She told me to listen to my body. That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear.

I’ve ridden a bit over 800 miles since leaving Bristol 12 days ago. That’s a lot of pedaling.

My lower thighs get lots of work. The muscles right above my knee are really tight every morning. It’s not that they were any tighter this AM, I just didn’t have the mojo.

I took a couple naps, watched some Olympics, and just chilled most of the day. It turned out to be hot, humid, and windy. I would have been heading directly into wind so turned out to be a good decision.

Spent a few hours at the local watering hole which happened to be just across the street from motel. How convenient!

Had a great time chatting with some new friends. I am fortunate that I am able to make a connection with almost anyone. Rich, poor, any race, I can usually make a connection. I think it’s because I actually care and I’m a pretty good listener. I’m just Just Pete!

“Big Willie” Nelson

Talked a lot with Angie and Les. She tends bar and he is a retired iron worker. Talk about strong. Just about crushed my hand when we shook!

Les built tall buildings. Scampering around on beams hundreds of feet in the air. He had some amazing stories. Most involved some kind of fall. I can’t come close to imagining that kind of job. Scary.

Les had just moved a 500 lb fireplace into their house. I could maybe move 50 lbs. He told me it’s all about leverage. “If you have a long enough lever, you can move the world.”

It was a good day off. Hoping to be rested and fresh in the AM.

Ride on.

Just Pete

12 thoughts on “Day 42 Burlington, IA 0 miles (2551 total miles)

  1. Good for you. Ran into Kris this am and hope to take her out for a dinner date this week!! xo mary and bill


  2. A rest day … woohoo! …. sounds like just what the body was asking for …. a very wise move!! Stay safe!!


  3. I am glad you listened to your body and took the day off and look at the new friends you made! Terry Loterbauer thinks you will be coming close to him in MO. I will send you his phone number. I hope today is a good day for you. Stay safe. Love, Mom


  4. So glad you took a day off. It’s so important you listen to your own body! Never doubt when you need a break! Happy you meet such interesting people along the way. That is a big part of your adventure! Keep up the super job! You are awesome!


  5. The people you meet and the stories you swap, listening to each other is one of the benefits of your journey. Listening to your body is the most important part of this journey. Glad you had Kris to confirm what your body was saying.
    Stay safe and peddle on🤘🏻🚴🏻‍♂️🍺


  6. wish we had more time to join you for another leg of your journey! Someday! For now, I will enjoy my morning emails!


  7. Hi Jeff — Thank you for sharing your wonderful story! Getting to read your entries daily is a highlight of my day and inspires me! Keep up the great work and know that there are so many of us who are proud of you and find inspiration in what you’ve done and continue to do! I just had my 6th major surgery in 8 yrs, and as I continue to get better, I find the mental, physical, and emotional strength you exhibit during your journey to be a driving force for me to continue improving…..thank you! Using an old saying of mine, “Ten normal men would’ve slipped into a coma by now, with what you’re doing and you only took a day to rest!” Here’s to you continuing to find that mind, heart, and physical strength to see it through — a MULTITUDE of normal men would slip into that coma!

    B’Cool! John Williams


  8. I worried this morning when there was no Instagram post! I was relieved when I saw it was because you earned a well deserved day “off”. Rather than collecting miles today, you collected stories and more memories 👍.
    See you on the road tomorrow 🚴🚴


  9. Hi Jeff! Sis Julie just turned me onto your blog today. You’re the 1st blog I’m about to follow! I’m enjoying reading it, and am awestruck! Good for you, and great for your charities. I sent you a few Buds.


  10. Smart, smart, and very smart. Give that body rest and you will continue tomorrow with fresh legs and renewed spirit.


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