Day 51 Paducah, KY to Dover, TN 76 miles (3133 total miles)

Comfortable ride most of the day. Temp in low-80’s. Slight headwind but feel like I’ve been lucky with wind. No tailwinds but also very little wind for some time.

Crossed the Kentucky Dam. Created Kentucky Lake by backing up the Tennessee River for 184 miles. Kentucky Lake is the largest manmade lake in the eastern United States. The lake stretches south across the western tip of Kentucky and nearly the entire height of Tennessee.

Kentucky Lake

Spent the majority of the day riding through Land Between the Lakes. I think that’s an old Indian saying for land between the lakes.

I’m pretty sure most of the land is about 10 miles wide and the road went through the center. All I saw were forests and hills…and the TN border.

Felt pretty good for first 50 miles. Struggled on hills last hour. Headwind was slowing my coast on the downhills so I would have to get in lower gear than normal for uphills. Pedal lots for very little.

Did see this little pond during one of my stops.

The one area that I wanted to see was the Elk and Bison Prairie. It’s a 700-acre enclosure that has a 3.5 mile paved loop through it. Unfortunately, when I got there I found out no bicycles (or motorcycles) allowed. I guess that makes sense but I’d definitely take my chances.

Tomorrow is pretty much a 50 or 100 mile day. The 100 miles is 7500 feet of ups and downs. Hills are usually 200-400 feet up and down. That’s probably 25 hard climbs. I’m in pretty good shape but not so sure I can do that. 20 mph tailwind would be nice!!

Intermediate goal is not happening. 100+ miles further than I thought it was. No way I can make it to Naval Air Station Pensacola to watch Blue Angels practice session on August 11. Oh, well. It was fun to think about for a couple days!!

Ride on.

Just Pete

5 thoughts on “Day 51 Paducah, KY to Dover, TN 76 miles (3133 total miles)

  1. Beautiful pictures today. So your goal is not attainable, I was thinking it was something about space with Mark involved. Think of another contest for your readers! I am glad the temps are better for you but not the tough climbs. I know you can do it. Meanwhile enjoy your ride and don’t push yourself. Enjoy all the sights that most of us will never see. Stay safe and stay hydrated. Love you, Mom.


  2. 15 plus years ago on one of my mini motorcycle trips, a buddy and I traveled the Land Between the Lakes. My recollection of it was as you described. Not very picturesque. Still a fond memory. Pedal on and stay safe!


  3. You’re in pretty country! Kentucky Lake has an interesting history. Gosh, each day is closer to your goal! You’re doing such an awesome ride. Hoping the aero bars are making a difference for you. Ride on, God’s Speed!


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