Day 59 Thomasville to Jackson, AL 33 miles (3636 total miles)

Pretty uneventful day here in southern AL. I guess that’s good.

Only pedaled for about 2 hours today. Pretty much a rest day. Good thing because “feels like” temperature was 109. 97 and humid

Road today had a shoulder and fewer logging trucks. Good tip last night!

I’m about 120 miles from Pensacola, FL. Hoping to be staying there Thursday night. Planning on stopping just north of Mobile tomorrow.

Ride on.

Just Pete

6 thoughts on “Day 59 Thomasville to Jackson, AL 33 miles (3636 total miles)

  1. You are soon in FL. That will be a great feeling. Remember when we were in Mobile a few years ago???? Ride safely and stay healthy. Love you. Mom


  2. Still astounded that logging trucks were/are more problematic in deep south country, as opposed to the mountain roads of the Pacific NW. Anyway, WTG this far. (!). Here’s to wider road shoulders and Buds in Pensacola tomorrow-ish. Bike blessings!


  3. Wow! How far you have come! Glad you had the tip about logging trucks and better roads to travel. My goodness, Florida is coming. So darn awesome!! Ride on, be safe, and God’s Speed! 🚴


  4. Almost home where the heart is. You and Gerry are doing great. Keep listening to your heart and body and continue to be safe and healthy in these last few days. Ride on!!


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