April 8

Day 9 Standing Indian Shelter to Long Branch Shelter (16.3 miles)

It was a very cold night (guessing low 20’s) to be trying to sleep in a tent. Emphasis on trying. Wore all my clothes, plus jacket, stocking cap, and gloves, inside sleeping bag. Not a fun night.

Started walking by 9 and it was quite nice (warm) out by afternoon.

Most of the trail is a path that just goes up and down a lot. Every once in a while you have to hop across a stream or scramble on some rocks.

Below is Standing Indian Mtn (elev 5435). Think that’s the highest point to go over yet. Went from 4742 elev at Shelter this AM to here in first 1.5 mile of day. That will get blood flowing!

Mile 99.8 is Albert Mtn fire tower. It is a National Historical Landmark if you want to look it up. Last 0.3 mile to get here was 400 ft elevation gain. Brutal! Pulling myself up by rocks and trees.

The tall peak in center of below photo I believe is Standing Indian Mtn where I was 12.5 miles and 7 hrs ago.

In the next 3 photos, if you zoom in, you can see the trail winding through these hills. That is where I’ve been walking all afternoon.

Mile 100. Breaking out my happy dance!

Got to camp about 6:30. Should be a little warmer tonight. Peanut butter tortillas for dinner.

Easy (I hope) 7 mile hike tomorrow to Franklin, NC.

Happy Trails!

7 thoughts on “April 8

  1. So good to talk you and know things are going as you expected. We are so proud of you. Keep up the good work. These pictures tell it all. Have a good day tomorrow. Love You, MOM and DAD.


  2. Never did I think in Mrs. Hilt’s fifth grade social studies class that I’d be reading about this from someone hiking firsthand. You are an inspiration to all of us, Jeff.


  3. We love reading about your daily adventures and the pictures are great too! Way to go Jeff! Love and prayers!


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