I plan on biking from Seattle (actually Anacortes), WA to Key West, FL.

My route was designed using established routes from Adventure Cycling (a company that does bike tours). I’m pretty sure a few people have ridden from Seattle to Key West but I can guarantee very few (possibly zero) people have done this exact route.

I think this nearly 5,000 mile ride will take about 10 weeks. That’s really just a guess because the furthest I have ridden before starting on 6/13 is 30 miles.

I’ll be starting out on a route called the Northern Tier. At least I’ll get most of the big climbs out of the way at the start! My cousin, Dennis Peterson, is planning on riding this 458 mile stretch with me. He’s way more qualified for this than me, so I’ll have some support while I’m figuring things out.

We’ll be taking that southern alternate to Cut Bank, MT. I’ve driven that road through Glacier National Park. Hard enough in a car. Plus, I won’t have my passport so I can’t go to Canada. We’ll just stick with that excuse.

It’s pretty much downhill from there.

Here I’m leaving the route. I’m hanging a right at Bismark, ND and heading to Bristol, SD. Just down the river to Mobridge and hang a left on Hwy 12!

I’ll join the route again again somewhere near Alexandria, MN.

From Bowlus, I’ll head to Stillwater, MN.

Then we roll on down the Mississippi.

At Muscatine, IA, we’ll transition to the Great Rivers South route.

We’ll be staying on there until Grand Rivers, KY.

The next route is the Underground Railroad.

Underground Railroad to Mobile, AL

Hang a left at Mobile and we’ll be on the Southern Tier route.

Keep on going to St Augustine and I’ll be right near home.

After a day or 2 at home, I’ll head for Key West.

The End.