April 19

Day 20 Two Streams to Hot Springs, NC (15.7 miles) 273.4 total miles

Light rain most of last night. Tent staying dry inside. Happy about that.

Another foggy, windy, rainy day to hike in. They say the views from the top of some of these balds is fantastic. I wouldn’t know! Below is Walnut Mtn.

FullSizeRender (11)

Knee that I tweaked yesterday feels pretty good. Treated it with a little extra Vitamin I (ibuprofen). It’s downhill most of way to Hot Springs so making good time but beats the crap out of your lower body.

Lots of fog in lower elevations as I’m descending.

FullSizeRender (12)

Hot Springs is definitely a hiker town. AT goes right through middle of town. That is the AT symbol on sidewalk at bottom of pic. Very small town with a 2 block business district.


FullSizeRender (13)

Had a 12 oz burger at Smoky Mtn Diner as soon as I got to town (about 2PM). Found out then that may be challenging to get a room as there is a hiking festival here Friday and Saturday.

Ended up getting a chalet about half mile from town center. Lodging is very nice but doesn’t have one of those television things I’ve heard so much about.

Taking a zero day tomorrow. Feet and knee need the rest.

Happy trails!

5 thoughts on “April 19

  1. Cute little town you landed in. Enjoy the Bud and the rest. Glad knee is do doing well. I winced reading that! Ouch! Happy to read your nights are dry. I’ll give Lois the update. 🙂 I think you now have 2 Mom’s. LOL


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