April 21

Day 22 Hot Springs, NC to Little Laurel Shelter (19.6 miles) 293.0 total miles

Kind of tough getting up and going this AM but eventually got hiking about 9:30 AM. 
Completed my fifth half mile walk to town from chalet. There were also 5 walks from to chalet from town. It’s not that it’s a hard walk, it’s just the principle of it. I don’t need any extra walking!

Hot Springs is nestled along the banks of the French Broad River. In about an hour I’ll be on top of that Mtn across river.

Got to walk a ways right along river. Several tents with people who camped along river instead of staying in town.

Lovers Leap Rock. Why do they always talk about jumping/leaping from these rock outcroppings??

A dammed up pond that I’m guessing was used for cattle at some point. There is area near that was cleared of trees and maybe used for grazing.

Spring Mtn Shelter (below) is one of smallest shelters I’ve seen. Sleeps 5. Most are 10 – 12.

Rained pretty steady for 3 hrs in afternoon. That’s 4 straight hiking days with some rain if you’re keeping track at home.  

Tented by Little Laurel Shelter. Very appropriate as we live on Laurel Lane in a little house!

Happy trails!

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