May 12

Day 43. Stealth Stream to Cross St (22.1 miles) 634.3 miles total

The mountains kicked my butt today. By far the most difficult day of hiking yet and not because of the terrain.

I started hiking at 8:30 hoping to finish 22 miles to Pearisburg about 4:00. Temp about 55, fog and drizzle.

The trail was a sloppy mess. Water and mud all over because of last night’s rain (along with last 3 week’s). My shoes and socks were very wet early in the day.

The undergrowth of the forest is filling in. You now brush against some of this growth as it encroaches upon trail. When it’s wet, you get wet!

At 2:00 I was still 8+. miles out. Still foggy and drizzle. Probably a little cooler as well. Now I’m starting to hear thunder. Checked my guide book to see if any road crossings between here and town where I could be picked up by shuttle if necessary. No such luck.

By 3:00 it was ugly. Steady rain and temp dropping. Progress is slow and it will be at least 2 hours until town.

Now I am really questioning why anyone, especially me, would do this. I should be just finishing golf and heading to The 19th Hole for a few Budweisers!

Your pledges and the charities I’m hiking for kept me going.

The last 2.5 miles were brutal. Still raining and now Iin mid-40’s. My hands are freezing and water sloshing in shoes. Have gloves but they’re deep in backpack.

I lumbered through the last mile slipping and stumbling. Finally saw the road that leads 0.7 miles to town. Trail got steep and very slippery at end. Of course I slipped and slid about 10 feet through mud. Now I’m freezing and covered in mud!

I walked that last .7 miles as fast as a frozen, muddy person can. Got to hotel at 5:30. My hands were so cold it took 5 minutes before I could operate a pen to sign in.

Soaked in hot shower then went across street to Mexican restaurant. Several Buds and a carnitas dinner later and feel much better.

Cloudy tomorrow with chance of rain early. I will be taking day off and watching The Players Championship. Not a planned day off but I deserve it!

Sun in forecast Sunday through Thursday. Can’t wait!

Happy Mothers Day to all moms.

Happy trails!

12 thoughts on “May 12

  1. That sounds brutal …….. hoping you stay dry today …….. enjoy The Players tomorrow!
    Jim and Jodi


  2. Yes you do deserve the day off Jeff!! What a miserable day. Kris, Gail, Tom and I will drink a toast to you and in honor of your dedication 🍷🍷


  3. Going to The Players tomorrow, I have a extra clubhouse badge…. you want to go ? Free food and beer 🍻


  4. My parents are offering you a ride from the trail and a bed when you get to Maryland. They only live about 20 minutes away from the trail near Frederick, MD. I’ve already told them to stock some Buds just in case you’re interested πŸ˜‰ let me know!


  5. You’re doing great, keep it up!!! Got “The Players” on and didn’t realize it’s “Sawgrass” & home. Everyone is rootin’ for you.


  6. I just felt sad reading your blog. That’s a mom thing. So glad you are in and dry and resting. Hopefully, the forecast will be correct and you will have some good days this week. Enjoy your rest. Love You.


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