May 24

Day 55 Punchbowl Overlook to Hog Camp Gap (17.2 miles) 813.0 miles total

Walked through lots of fog again today but at least made some progress.

Took a slip on a wet rock. Ended up with scraped elbow and cut up thumb. This just a day after telling Kris I had used no bandages so far. Jinxed myself!

FullSizeRender (99)

Weather started to get colder mid-afternoon and started raining about 3PM. Decided to make camp before too cold and wet.

FullSizeRender (100)

Rain forecast for all night. Supposed to stop in AM then rain again late afternoon.

Happy trails!

One thought on “May 24

  1. That is the time when things happen, when you say it hasn’t happened yet!! Slow down a little on those rocks. Hope you are able to make some time and no rain. Love You.


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