June 20

Day 82 Susquehanna River to Big Rock Campsite (6.9 miles) 1155.9 miles total

Weather was great for hiking today. I sucked however. Very lethargic and was beating myself on the rocks so decided to call it a day early…before I hurt myself.

Picture below is crossing Susquehanna leaving Duncannon. Crossed peak in background entering town.


Trail gets more rocky as you progress here. You have to stay very focused on the trail and where you are stepping. If you want to look around, you best not be walking!


Tenting tonight about a half mile from a road. Shortly before sunset a jeep and ATV go past on trail. They were heading to pick up a hiker who had fallen and hurt his leg. Bummer for somebody.

unnamed (1)

Naked Hiking Day tomorrow. I’ll try to get some good pics. I’ve had several requests that none be selfies!

Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “June 20

  1. You are on the front page of the Aberdeen paper this morning. A big picture and a very nice article. Enjoy your hiking today and take your time. Love You.


  2. Gorgeous photos!! Sounds like you’re getting famous in Aberdeen. I’d also discourage the selfies too unless your trying to brag.


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