June 22

Day 84 Rock Chairs Campsite to Swatana Gap (14.1 miles) 1182.3 miles total

Been on the trail for 12 weeks and 1182 miles. Will have less than 1000 miles to go sometime tomorrow. That’s a big milestone. 990 miles sounds way less than 1008!

Not many views today. Most hiking was in trees.


Should finish about 10 weeks from now if all goes well. Can’t wait to get back to reality. Well, most of reality!

Next destination…Hamburg, PA. 36 miles. Hope to be there in 2 days.

Happy trails!

4 thoughts on “June 22

  1. Pete,
    I was with the entire Thirtsty Thursday group last night at The Windlass followed by Gatwyn’, and you were the subject of much conversation. Everyone is anxious to see you and have you regale us with tales of your exploits. See you soon.


  2. I used to live in Swiftwater PA on a mountain near Camelback ski slopes. Its the land that time forgot. Pretty scenes…. lots of rocks and deer…..Happy trails my friend.


  3. Jeff, you have more than qualified as one of the very coolest guys I know! This feat is physically and mentally impressive, but also the fact that you have single handedly raised so much money for charity is just awesome. Keep in mind that it is almost time to start practicing for golf on the hiking trail. Probably was easier practicing for hiking on the golf course! Take care and happy trails!


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