July 26

Day 118 Dalton, MA to Wilbur Clearing Shelter (20.5 miles) 1589.2 miles total

Pretty good hike today. Starting to be at higher elevations and fewer rocks. Terrain is getting more similar to beginning of trail (switchback climbs). Much better than the ups, downs, rocks, etc. of last 500 miles.

This view is the Hoosic River Valley and the town of Cheshire, MA.

Trail is sandy for a ways in this area. First time I’ve seen that.

Cheshire is on the trail and one of first places you come to is a little sandwich and ice cream shop. Perfect! One problem…it’s cash only and I only have $11.25. Had to spend wisely. Got grilled cheese, 2 cans of Mountain Dew, and a large chocolate cone for $11.

While sitting on picnic table there, a young kid came up to me and asked if I would sign his notebook. His name is Snowbird. He’s 10 and trying to get as many hikers as he can to sign. Kid knows a lot about the trail.

Leaving Cheshire through the cornfield.

Most places I stop the locals will think the trail around their area is really tough. I usually let that go in one ear and out the other except for last night…

Guy at bar asked me how far I was going to hike today. Hadn’t really thought about that yet but said “somewhere around Mt Greylock”. Dalton is about 18 miles from Mt Greylock, the highest point in MA at 3491 ft.

He doubted that I could get that far as it’s “an 8 mile ascent up to there”. I had an objective!

I believe this is Mt Greylock below.

He was right about the 8 mile ascent. However you only ascend 2500 ft. 4000 ft in that distance would have gotten my attention.

Made it. Was actually a nice hike.

Little selfie update of the beard.

Top of Mt Greylock.

Supposed to rain most of day tomorrow. I am in a spot where possible to reach Bennington, VT in a day if need be (21 miles). Hoping to get as close as I can tomorrow and get there Friday AM.

Happy trails!

9 thoughts on “July 26

  1. Thanks for not pursing your lips when taking a selfie(I don’t know why so many do that),your getting much better..
    Keep in Truckin…


  2. Who is that person!! Bet you are anxious to shave and get a haircut. Your photos are beautiful Just Pete. More remarkable memories and stories with each day.


  3. I chuckled when I read about the guy that doubted you would make Mt. Greylock. I knew right then that you would make it!!! Determination and spunk, that’s you!!! Getting closer and closer to the finish line. Love You, MOM


  4. Pete, you went through my home state pretty fast! You will be high in NH or Maine when I get up there for the road race on Cape Cod, 3rd weekend of August! You are doing great and look very fit! Hope you are recovered from the insect bite! Keep on trucking!


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