A Few FAQ’s

We launched my website earlier this week (thanks to my daughter, Brooke). In a few short days, we have had 25 people pledge a total of $5.32/mile.  Assuming I complete all 2,190 miles this represents a total of $12,206.  WOW!  I am so thankful and grateful to each and every one of you.  Thanks and feel free to get all of your friends and family following along on this big adventure.  These are 3 great charity options and I hope to get the total up to $22.83/mile.  That would mean $50,000 split between these organizations.  Thanks again.

I get lots of questions about the Appalachian Trail and this hike. I will try to give you my answers to some of the most asked.

Are you going by yourself? While I am not going with any individual or group, there are about 4,000 people who attempt to thru-hike the AT in a year.  About 1,000 of them complete.  In addition to those crazies, there are countless other section hikers and day hikers out on the trail all the time.  I expect to meet a lot of interesting people.  Eventually you develop a “tramily” (family on the trail).

How long will this take? I’m aiming to complete by Labor Day so that’s about 5 months.  I hope to average about 18 miles/day with about 1 “zero day”/week.  The first week or 2 will probably only be 10 miles/day but eventually will build up to 25 miles…and then back to 10/day when I get to Vermont and Maine.

How much does your backpack weigh? I am hoping to be very close to 36 lbs including 3 days of food + water.

How are you training for this? I have been walking about 25-30 miles a week (on the golf course).  I’ve added weights to my golf bag so that it is now about 32 lbs.  I’m betting on the fact that I’ll get in better shape as I get my trail legs.  I’m also pretty convinced that this journey is 25% physical and 75% mental.

Please let me know, through contact page on my website, if you have other questions. I will try to answer them before I leave on March 31.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you! Keep those pledges coming.  Thanks again for your support.

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