April 2

April 2 (Day 3) Neel Gap to Low Gap 11.5 miles

Hit the trail about 10 this AM. Not a lot of miles because of late start and rough terrain. Crossed 4 mountains today! That’s a lot of ups and downs!



The smoke you see in photo below is taken from Levelland Mtn. Quite a ways from my location but doesn’t look very contained!

unnamed (1)

This is Cowrock Mtn. Met a guy (Randy?) around here dressed in camouflage. Hunting turkey and wild boar. Said will only shoot boar if within a mile of where he can drive to.

unnamed (2)

My destination was 6.5 miles from Cowrock. Randy? warned me that a couple of springs I was hoping to get water from were dry a month ago.

They were! Luckily I ran into Randy? at a parking area I passed through. He gave me his extra water as he was done hunting for the day. Trail Angel. I would have been in tough shape if not for him.

unnamed (3)

Tortillas have become my staple at meal time. I’ve had plain tortillas, and tortillas with deer jerky, tuna, and peanut butter. Tonight I got a little wild and made freeze dried beef stew. Pretty tasty!

Supposed to rain tomorrow. That sucks. Some people are going to spend day at shelter/campsite. I plan to hike as of now.

42.9 miles down! Happy Trails!

9 thoughts on “April 2

  1. So proud of you Pete! Thanks for sharing this amazing experience with all of us! Looking forward to your next post. Stay safe & sleep tight!


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