April 5

Day 6 Hiawasee, GA Zero Day

It kind of stinks to hike 0 miles but the weather today has been rain with tornado watches. Glad I’m not out in that plus has been good rest for feet and legs.

Weather tomorrow is more rain plus getting colder. Chance of snow Th night/Fri AM. I’ve decided to take Th as a zero as well.

Will be able to watch opening round of Masters tomorrow. Plan to hit the trail Friday AM and reach Franklin, NC (about 40 miles) on Sunday in time to watch final round.

I have a big editorial correction to make. Randy? Is the Trail Angel who gave me the water on day 3. Problem is Randy? Is really John Baugus. My bad! Luckily I had given him my website info and he’s following my blog. Thanks again, John!

Today I made a reconnaissance mission to lone sports bar in Hiawasee to make sure it would be appropriate spot to watch Masters tomorrow. Got to watch Twins go to 2 – 0 plus met gentleman below.

Sandy will be 94 this month. WW 2 Vet who served in US Navy from 1942 – 47. Gets around great and sharp as a tack. Makes a 3 hr tour (still drives) every afternoon. 3 bars, 1 small beer in each. Fun to talk with.


“Worst to First.
It was done in ’91.”

Go Twins!

Somebody please get me copyright, or whatever I need, for that one!

Happy trails!

5 thoughts on “April 5

  1. Too bad you have to take time off, but it is worth it for your feet and legs. You can meet the most interesting people. I am sure you and Sandy had a great time visiting and talking about the Navy. Are you watching the Twins today, they are ahead at the present. Like your worst to first!! Hope the weather is okay on Friday and you can get back on the trail. Love You and be safe.


  2. I always look at times of your posts and comments and the times sure don’t jive. I just sent my first comment today and it said I sent it at 6:27 p.m.!!!


  3. Take advantage of the rest and a few brews. πŸ™‚ Masters is my favorite weekend of the year! Glad you can catch some of it. Love Sandy, how cute! Enjoy the time off and safe travels. Love reading about your trip. Enjoy the adventure on land and with the many people you’ll meet along the way. Take care…


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