April 12

Day 13 NOC to Hogback Gap (17.9 miles)

That’s enough hosteling for a while. Quite the cacophony of noise in my 8 bunk room. I heard sounds I didn’t realize a human could make…and does everyone snore these days. Great quintet going most of night. Worst sleep since frozen night!

Big climb out of the NOC. Lasted almost all AM. Gained 3300 feet in 7.9 miles. This pic looks back on gorge that NOC is on.

This is from Cheoah Bald. You can see a glimpse of Lake Fontana over my shoulder. Tomorrow’s destination.

There are quite a few signs on Trail. This is by far the nicest. Most are very small telling you that you’re “here” or how far to “there”.

Was going to stop at Brown Fork Gap Shelter but pushed 2 miles further to Hogback Gap. Remote tent site. Thought I’d be by myself but a couple rolled in shortly after dark and tented near me.

That extra 2 mile hike will get me into Fontana an hour earlier in AM. Shower, bed, and laundry await!

Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “April 12

  1. Enjoying the commentary and pictures. Hope you are enjoying it as well. Somewhat envious that I’m not there. Not sure I could do 2190 but the adventure seems exciting. Keep it up!


  2. Hey Jeff, it looks like you’re sprouting a beard! Certainly understandable under the circumstances. Happy trails and happy showers!! Who knew you’d take these things for granted 😳



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