April 11

Day 12 Cold Spring Shelter to Nantahala Outdoor Center (11.7 miles)

Sunrise from my front porch this AM. Night was chilly but tolerable. This camping spot was up along ridge (4926 elev) as compared to most which are in valley. Nice views.


This section has the worst fire damage I’ve been through yet. Lots of erosion causing trail to be quite narrow in spots.


Next couple of pictures are from Weser Bald. In the distance you can see Lake Fontana. Hope to be there in 2 days!


It amazes and impresses me that there is still so much wilderness in this country. I’ve been wandering through Nantahala National Forest for 2 days and there are wilderness areas as far as you can see. Support your National Parks, they are amazing.


There is Lake Fontana again. This from The Jumpoff. Crazy name. If you jumped off, odds of death would be about 95%!

IMG_0399 (2)


Arrived at NOC mid-afternoon. Huge recreation center (white water rafting, kayaking, fly fishing) that trail goes right through center of.

Had good dinner at River Edge Restaurant. One of top Trail restaurants. Lot of hikers.

Staying at a hostel here at the NOC. 9 bunk beds in 2 rooms. Got here late so I have a top bunk.

Next up, Fontana Dam in 2 days. Great Smokey Mountains after that.

Happy trails!

6 thoughts on “April 11

  1. It sounds like you are having a wonderful adventure. Paul and I look forward to your daily emails. Keep them coming! 😄 Safe travels.


  2. Thank you Pete, I follow you on this web site and i wonder wether I could do what you are going through, cold nights, sleeping in a tent ( which I’ve done in the service) alone. I know its been your passion for over 5 years and you have a cause. So carry on my friend. See you when you’re in New Jersey. We will travel together.


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