April 15

Day 16 Spence Field Shelter to Double Spring Gap Shelter (11.5 miles) 196.4 total miles.

Cool, crisp AM. Steep climb up out of shelter area to start day. The AT runs along NC/TN border for most of Great Smoky Mtn National Park.  

I believe peak below is TN because it’s name is Rocky Top. “Good ol’ Rocky Top. Rocky Top, Tennessee.” First photo is view from Rocky Top. Second is Rocky Top.

One seasonal change over last 2 days. There is now some green and tiny white, purple, and yellow flowers on forest floor. Until now has been floor of dead leaves. Also starting to notice more bugs at same time.

These vast amounts of open space along the east coast surprise and amaze me.

In the Smokies you have to stay in the area of a shelter so you have to plan your day to end at a shelter. Was hoping to get over Clingman’s Dome today but would have been getting to next shelter at dusk. Decided to hole up here and hit Clingman’s early tomorrow AM.

Happy Easter!

9 thoughts on “April 15

  1. Package will be waiting for you at Hot Springs. Enjoy. Hope your Easter was okay. Love You. MOM and DAD


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