April 29

Day 30 Hwy 19E to White Rocks Mtn (21.7 miles) 415.4 total miles

Stayed in Newland, NC last night. Hitched a ride back to trail. Probably hitched 6 rides now. Get picked up by pickup trucks more than cars and usually have me ride in back!

Guess I won’t be staying here!

Below is Jones Falls. Little swimming hole at bottom of falls. Some hikers took a dip but a little too chilly for me.

Passed mile 400. Marked/written with sticks.

Put in 9.5 hours of hiking today. That’s a lot of steps! I don’t have a FitBit but I would guess over 40,000 of them.

Used my stove for 3rd time. Freeze dried pasta with sausage. It was OK but stove may get sent home. After I’ve hiked all day and gotten tent set up, I’m not too excited about getting stove out. I enjoy my tortillas and peanut butter as much as anything I’ve cooked.

Will try to get in another 20 miles today!

Happy trails!

10 thoughts on “April 29

  1. You’ll have 25% knocked out soon. It seems like you’re maintaining an excellent pace. Very impressive!


  2. Sounds like you’ve only got a couple hundred more miles or so to go before you drop by your Country Club in MD and call this whole thing off…


  3. Warren &I are down in Sanibel. Kris came over to island on Tues & Wed to get together. Was great seeing her. Looks like you are doing great. Hope you are enjoying the experience.


  4. Your pasta probably not to similar to Kris’ porcini sausage pasta πŸ˜• You’ll need to whip up a batch of tortillas and peanut butter th next time I see you.

    Congratulations on 400πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


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