April 28

Day 29 Stan Murray Campsite to US 19E (11.8 miles) 393.7 miles total

Nice, sunny day and beautiful vistas. Nice day of hiking. Especially when you know you’re hitting a town!

This view is from Yellow Mtn (elev 5271). There was a Revolutionary War battle near here at Yellow Mtn Gap.

The views today were so nice because it was sunny but there was a lot of time on the balds. This is the walk to Little Hump Mtn. Trail looks, and basically is, like a cow path across a pasture in SD.

View from top of Little Hump Mtn.

Now we’re heading to the top of that one…Hump Mtn (elev 5587).

I get virtually all my water from piped springs. PVC directly from mtn. I don’t filter it when I get directly from source of spring. Always cold and tastes great!

Finally out of NC. About 70 more miles and out of TN and into VA.

Next stop Damascus, VA. 75 miles. Hoping to do it in 4 days. That will take good weather.

Happy trails!

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