May 7

Day 38 VA 603 to Mt Rogers Visitor Center (21.7 miles) 532.6 miles total

Good day today. Slack packed and weather was good so did 21.7 miles in 7 hrs. That’s moving pretty good for me. Need terrain like today…more down than up and not a lot of rocks and roots.

All the streams are flowing good. Have to rock hop across some streams. Degree of difficulty goes up with water level. Light pack makes much easier.

Dismal Creek Falls…not so dismal today!


Partnership Shelter is very near Mt Rogers Visitor Center. Really nice Center and you can have pizza delivered to shelter from Marion.

image1 (1)

Weather tomorrow sounds good. Hope to cross the 26% complete point sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Next stop is Bland, VA. Hope to be there Wed.

Happy trails!

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