May 6

Day 37 Old Orchard Shelter to VA 603 (1.7 miles) 510.9 miles total

Cold, windy, and rainy last night. Not fun! Disappointing day.

You can see the frost line (those aren’t clouds) on below pic. Tented a couple of hundred feet below there. Brrr!

Tented next to 3 guys (Bob, Ed, and Dave) from Fairfax, VA last night. Since forecast for tonight is cold with possible snow, they are cutting their weekend camping trip short. They offered me a ride into town…and I took it!

Hiked 2 miles on AT and then another 2 miles to parking lot. Thanks again for the lift, guys!

This weather keeps screwing up my plans.

Tomorrow I’ll get a ride back to where I came off trail and then hike the 21 miles back to Marion, VA. Good news is I’ll be in same hotel room tonight and tomorrow night. That means I can slack pack (light backpack) because am able to leave most of my gear at room.

Weather for tomorrow sounds decent!

Happy trails!

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