May 10

Day 41 VA 623 to US 52 (15.8 miles) 590.1 miles total

Pretty good thunderstorm during night but partly sunny by morning.

Met a group of Amish men and boys shortly after started hiking. Couple of the men asked me questions about my hike. The young boys just stared at me. One of the guys gave me some Oreos and told me to look for a white van by road up ahead and ask lady for a soda.

Lady was their driver (not Amish) and she did have a Mtn Dew for me. Yahoo! She was also very interested in hike.

At Laurel Creek I ran into Butter (guy who did SOBO couple yrs ago and now NOBO). Tented next to him in Smokeys. Also saw him in Hot Springs and Damascus. I hike faster than him but he’s obviously tougher. Hasn’t taken a zero day since Hot Springs, NC!

FullSizeRender (70)

Hiked with Butter for about half hour. First time hiking with anyone for any period of time. He’s into sports so we had a good conversation cobbling together baseball season so far.

FullSizeRender (71)

Hike today looked pretty flat on topography map but realizing that is irrelevant as there were small, steep ups and downs…and a lot of them!

FullSizeRender (72)

Got down to town at end of day and ran into more trail magic. Enjoyed a soda while waiting for shuttle to get a ride to hostel. That’s Butter in lower left.

FullSizeRender (73)

Stayed at Zero Days Inn Hostel. I paid $45 for Hiker Suite. Private bedroom with a TV. My kind of hostel stay! Most of these hostels are owned/run by former thru-hikers.

FullSizeRender (74)

Weather tomorrow is cloudy with chance of showers. More rain on Friday. 44 miles to Pearlsburg, VA. Hoping to do that in 2 days.

Happy trails!

One thought on “May 10

  1. You’re looking good out there! Nice to have some company for extended walk… Keep up the good walk. Love following you on this adventure! TBone


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