May 17

Day 48 Pickle Branch Shelter to Pig Farm Campsite (16.9 miles) 712.6 miles total

Not a lot of miles but some rewarding ones. Two big climbs of 1000 ft+ over 2 miles. That will test your lung capacity!

Grock (experienced hiker) also told me the other day that I would get faster as my trail reading skills got better. Chuckled to myself as I thought “How hard can trail reading be? Even I haven’t made any costly wrong turns.”

Well…happened twice today! Cost me about an hour and a half of time. One was bad. Climbing down this gully slipping, sliding, and thinking a lot of people must get hurt here. Ten minutes down and I knew it couldn’t be trail. Took me 30 minutes to climb back up.

FullSizeRender (88)

I think we all know where this is going. Right up and over that hill. Nice hiking through non-forested land, even when uphill, because no roots and few rocks.

FullSizeRender (89)

McAfee Knob. Probably 20 day hikers and 1 thru-hiker there when I arrived. Day hikers scattered when I went out on Knob. Not sure if it was beard, stench, or the fact that I looked like I had just hiked all day to get there.

Just Rocky…King of the Knob!

FullSizeRender (90)

Panoramic view from McAfee Knob. Better, Legs?

FullSizeRender (91)

15.5 miles left to Daleville, VA. If I feel good and weather is good, I will just stop and get something to eat and go another couple hours further. If not I’ll stay at motel in town.

Happy trails!

9 thoughts on “May 17

  1. Wonderful photos and stories. Great to know you still have your sense of humor. Thanks for the updates. I look forward to them.


  2. Great experience for all of us to read and see your adventures. Stamina, humor, determination. Keep going and know we know you will finish.


  3. A little shaky to start but great recovery!! I’d be on my hand & kness
    on the knob!! Love the daily posts..
    Be safe


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