May 18

Day 49 Pig Farm Campsite to US 220 (15.5 miles) 728.1 miles total

7 weeks in and just 2 miles short of 1/3 point.

Starting to see a bit more farm land in valleys.

Nice day today. Sunny and about 80.

Weather should be good again tomorrow. I’ll keep on trekking.

Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “May 18

  1. Hi Pete, just wanted to say that your trek is inspiring to me. With my lung condition I could never do what your doing and I applaud you for it. I was thinking don’t worry about distance so much just enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Take care


  2. Jeff, your photos are wonderful!! You are seeing so many beautiful scenes along the way. Congratulations on your amazing progress!! We eagerly “tune in” to read your posts. Keep it up! So happy for you and proud of you!!


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