May 19

Day 50 US 220 to Bearwallow Gap (21.6 miles) 749.7 miles total

Warm and humid this AM. Beats cold and rainy! Did have about an hour long thunderstorm that cooled things down a bit. I was close to a shelter midway through the rain so was able to stay mostly dry.

The trail crosses the Blue Ridge Pkwy numerous times through here.

Hiking was fairly easy today as not a lot of big elevation changes.

We’ll be heading to that big peak tomorrow.

Got to Bearwallow Gap about 5:30. No cell service to call for shuttle. Had to hitchhike the 5 miles to Buchanan, VA. Not a lot of traffic but got ride after about half hour.

Off and on rain for next 3 days. Hopefully mostly off!

Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “May 19

  1. Hopefully the rain stays away. Beautiful pictures today. Grad. receptions today and you were the topic every where we went. Gave out your address several times. Hope pledges come!! Take care and we will see you soon. Love you.


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