May 22

Day 53 Petites Gap to Punchbowl Mtn Overlook (20.8 miles) 795.8 miles total

Mostly cloudy but no rain today.  Southern VA has gotten 5.5″ of rain so far in May.  Looking at 2 more inches over next 3 days.  Probable flooding in areas south of where I am.  Hoping just rains at night.  Got miles to make!

FullSizeRender (95)

This is the James River footbridge. Longest foot-use-only bridge on AT. Just before crossing was a lady doing some volunteer trail maintenance (whacking weeds with a scythe). She offered me some watermelon. Refreshing!

FullSizeRender (96)

Looking back down at James River and area of footbridge.

FullSizeRender (97)

View from Big Rocky Row after 2000 ft elevation gain in 3 miles. That’s steep and generated a lot of sweat.


Hitched a ride into Buena Vista, VA at end of day. Expecting rain tonight (again).

Next stop Waynesboro, VA. Will have some new shoes waiting for me there. My Merrill Moabs have been great but 800 miles is a lot of steps! Starting to come apart. Hope Krazy Glue holds or I’ll have some wet feet next few days.

Happy trails!

One thought on “May 22

  1. Beautiful country! Thanks heavens for foot bridges and unexpected watermelon 😀 Hope the shoes Kris is buying arrive on time. Stay dry.


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