May 21

Day 52 VA 614 to Petites Gap (18.7 miles) 775.0 miles total

Cloudy and very foggy today. Not a good day for photos.

Some hikers have packages of food sent to them along the trail. Unnecessary in my opinion (unless you are on a special diet) as you can resupply every 2 to 3 days.

Package below was sent to campground I stayed at last night. It was taken from the mailbox and opened by a bear. Three other packages went missing this week as well. I imagine bear saying “Where is the mail? It’s 3:00. Should have been here by now.”

FullSizeRender (94)

Big jug to right is strawberry wine fermenting.

Started raining about 7PM. I was in tent already so dry and cozy.

Weather for tomorrow is same. Cloudy with shower possibilities increasing later in day. Hoping to make 20 miles to Buena Vista, VA.

Happy trails!

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