May 27

Day 58 US 250 to Blackrock Hut (20.7 miles) 882.6 miles total 

Into the Shenandoahs! They call the shelters through here huts. Not sure why because similar to shelters elsewhere.

Same shoe. Same size. Different color. Can you tell which has 861 miles on it? Didn’t realize how stretched out shoes had gotten. Should have probably gotten wider or half size larger!

The cushioning in bottom of new shoes feels great. A bit tight across toes but guessing they’ll stretch.

In the Shenandoahs you are only allowed to tent in designated sites around huts (shelters). This constrains mileage a bit. Had a few miles left in me today but didn’t know if I could make 6 to next tent area.

Was disappointed in views today. Lot of miles in trees just below ridge line.

Shooting for 21 miles to Hightop Hut tomorrow. Will get to stop at restaurant near trail for lunch.

Happy trails!

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