May 28

Day 59 Blackrock Hut to Pinefield Hut (13.2 miles) 895.8 miles total

Light rain until early AM. Pretty foggy starting out and got foggier!

The trail crosses Skyline Drive or a parking area off of it every couple miles. Sometimes you have to look a bit to find where trail resumes on other side. Got to a big parking area today and visibility was about 100 ft. As I’m beginning to wander about looking for sign of trail I run into a family out on a day hike. They had just come from where I was heading. They pointed me in right direction and I helped them find where they were headed.

Made it to lunch spot at about 1:00. Burger, fries, Mtn Dew, and blackberry milkshake. Saw a few hikers I knew there. Tourists just look at you like you’re on display at a zoo!

Got really foggy while I was there. Almost 0 visibility for a few minutes. Happy to wait that out in restaurant.

Heard rain starting between 4 and 6. Wouldn’t get to intended destination until close to 6 so I decided to stop at next shelter. Got there and tent up about an hour before rain started.

Tomorrow I’ll go as far as I go. Planning to start ending my days when I begin to get tired instead of pushing for more miles. For the rest of the adventure I’m going to “Enjoy the Suck!”

Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “May 28

  1. Memorial Day and I am thanking you for your service. Hope your hiking today is a beautiful day. See you soon.


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