June 5

Day 67 Thornton Gap to Pass Mountain Hut (1.2 miles) 943.2 miles total 

Had a great 4 days off highlighted by the Ashley and Zack Bosh “Bash”. Awesome family time.

Flew back to Baltimore last night. Got a ride to Harpers Ferry, WV from a friend (Snappy) then took a shuttle to Thornton Gap.

By the time I got to trail (1:30) it was raining. Shocker, right?!! Had to go either 1.2 miles or 14. Decided to ease back into it.

Hopeful for a nice day tomorrow.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “June 5

  1. Glad you had good family time.
    Smart to ease back in. Hopefully a nice meal,buds & rest before next start. Good luck & be careful


  2. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming to Ashley and Zach’s special day….it meant a lot…we are proud of the hard work and determination you have and are doing……keep a truckin’❤️❤️❤️


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