June 6

Day 68 Pass Mountain Hut to Gravel Springs Hut (13.1 miles) 956.3 miles total

Think I lost a bit of conditioning during break. A little more sore in legs than normal after not a big distance.

FullSizeRender (2)

Good weather today. Mostly cloudy and about 60 degrees.


Met a mom (Bam Bam) and her 14 year old son, Little Bad Ass. They started hiking mid-March. Husband/dad at home. He’s a very polite and bright young man. Had been attending a private school. Dropped out of school to do this. Bam Bam said “We’ll figure that out after we get to Maine.” I am sure he will do well in life.

Also met a mid-40’s Aussie named Shepherd. He’s previously hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail. When he completes the AT, he will have completed the Triple Crown of hiking. When he’s not hiking, he bikes. Currently working on pedaling from Alaska to Argentina. Started in AK and bike now in Cancun, Mexico. He’s put on 15,000 miles so far! Said he has a couple sponsors and is frugal. Hasn’t been home for 3.5 years.


Excited to hit 1,000 mile mark in 2-3 days!

Happy trails!


6 thoughts on “June 6

  1. Hi Pete, so glad you got a break and the weather is cooperating. The rain made it our way…..
    Since we got back from Seattle & BC we are glad to be home. I can only imagine how you feel.
    The golf course is closed for 2 weeks to aerate the lawns and do tree restoration. No missing much here!
    Happy trails my friend.
    Pam Shreeves & Walt Vital


  2. Congrats on nearly hitting 1K miles!!

    Shepherd reminds me of a couple that we met in a bar in Cuenca recently. They are bicycling from Anchorage to Patagonia in Southern Chile. Heck of a journey but no more compelling than yours. Keep at it!

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    Wonderful pictures and captions. After the 1000 mile mark it’s but a cake walk to Maine. Golf, tennis, croquet, and swimming, and a big easy chair await your return to PVB. All here are wishing you well.


  4. You can ease back into your long hiking days. The break was good for your body though and best of all, we all got to see you!!! Hugs from MOM.


  5. WOW a 1000 miles that’s great. Hope you had a few beers and a round of golf while taking your well deserved break. I think the bigger mile stone will be the half way points alson not to far off. Let Kris and I know when you are going to be in NJ and we can take you out to dinner if we are not on vacation at that time. Keep up the great work love the blogs missed them while you were gone.



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