June 15

Day 77 Rocky Mtn Shelters to Pine Grove Furnace State Park (22.5 miles) 1102.0 miles total

Been on the trail for 11 weeks now and crossed half way point today.

We’ve raised about $28,000 so far for the charities I’m hiking for. Amazing! Thanks so much for your support. It means more to me than you can imagine.

I hope you’re enjoying the adventure. Please feel free to get your family, friends, and co-workers following along as well. Remember we still have 1090 miles to go!

Long hike today but went by pretty easily/quickly. I was pretty focused on the halfway point. Feels good to have half this adventure behind me.

Did I mention that PA is known for being very rocky. Still a couple days from where it gets real rocky and I’m thinking this is bad. Big boulders aren’t bad as they have big landing spots for your feet. Small rocks are OK too as they will move/conform to your foot. It’s the gazillion medium-sized ones that hurt. My steps have become much more precise over last 1100 miles!


PA and MD have had some really nice, newer shelters made with laminated wood. The Quarry Gap Shelters had flowers and chairs (with backs).

unnamed (1)

Not sure what this bush/tree is but they are really blooming around here now.

unnamed (2)

This is the AT half way marker. The actual spot varies each year as length of trail has some slight changes each year. This marker is maintained by AT Museum which is 7 miles up the trail from marker.

unnamed (3)

When you hit a big milestone, you should celebrate. Not the H.O.T. Spot but wasn’t bad.

unnamed (4)

Staying in Mt Holly, PA tonight and tomorrow night. Tomorrow I’ll slack pack 19 miles to Boiling Springs and then get a ride back here.

Happy trails!

4 thoughts on “June 15

  1. Congratulations on your milestone. Careful of your footing. Coincidently, the name of my employer is Boiling Springs Savings Bank.


  2. You sound fired up Pete! Good to hear. It’s all down hill from here. Stretching for that finish line. So enjoy reading your posts! Be safe.⛺


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