June 14

Day 76 Pine Knob Shelter to Rocky Mtn Shelter (14.8 miles) 1079.5 miles total

Today is wedding anniversary 31 for Kris and I. Tells you something about her that she is supportive of this crazy adventure. Believe me, 31 years is a lot of “Pete being Pete”! Thanks, Kris. Love you.

The AT through PA is known for being very rocky. It has already proven to be that and the rocks don’t really start getting bad for another 100 miles. Slow progress.

Hiking is almost all below ridge line so views are minimal. This pic was taken from the path of a gas pipeline.


I’m 15 miles from half way point. Should make it there tomorrow. Pretty exciting!

Happy trails!

5 thoughts on “June 14

  1. Making the half way point will be very exciting for you and all the rest of us that are following your journey. It is pretty impressive.


  2. Happy Anniversary from the Midwest. Thank you for being an inspiration to many and don’t forget to call your mom.


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