June 17

Day 79 Boiling Springs, PA to Footbridge Campsite (18.2 miles) 1139.8 miles total

Happy Fathers Day to all dads, especially mine! Got you some good crop pictures as a gift, Dad. Enjoy!

Today we hiked at very low elevations (400 – 600 ft) for first 14 miles. Scenery is much different. Walked next to and through many farm fields as opposed to being 4,000 feet higher and looking down at them. Made for fast hiking. I think Boiling Spring is at base of mtn on right.

Went through a lot of private land today. Glad it wasn’t sunny and hot as the hike was much more in the open as opposed to usual forest.

Saw about as much wheat being grown as corn.

I am pretty sure on of those strips in background is flax. Had a light blue tint to it.

Got back up to more normal terrain last 5 miles of hike. Was thinking of going all the way to Duncannon today while walking through the fields. Changed my mind up here!

Found a nice campsite to celebrate Fathers Day Eve (my favorite holiday). Had mad, crazy fun in middle of nowhere by myself! Polished off that water bottle, enjoyed the bench (no back), and even made a campfire.

A little over 7 miles to Duncannon. Will be there before noon tomorrow and be ready for final round of US Open.

Happy Fathers Day and…

Happy trails!

7 thoughts on “June 17

  1. Happy Father’s Day, Pete. Beautiful country you’re hiking through, there.
    Sounds like a well-deserved short day tomorrow with a chance to recharge your batteries a bit.

    Did a quick calculation on your mileage hiked so far in terms of ‘distance from Bristol’…

    You’ve hiked the equivalent of Bristol-to-Spokane, Wa…
    Bristol-to Pittsburgh, PA…

    With a lot more elevation change, of course!

    Good on ya — go get ’em!


    1. Bristol to Spokane or Pittsburgh sounds a lot further than GA to PA!

      Physically feeling good. Hard part is the grind of 15 or 20 day after day after day!

      Thanks for your support.


  2. I can feel your pain my friend, our golf course is wet and sandy…. count your blessings your not here !!!


  3. Happy Father’s day. Looking forward to seeing you in NJ. Making great progress. Very impressed! Love the blog and beautiful pictures.


  4. Happy Fathers Day to you Jeff!! I know this will be a memorable one. Your Dad should love these photos. Kris too👍👍


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