June 25

Day 87 Black Swatara Creek Campsite to Windsor Furnace Shelter (19.2 miles) 1223.5 miles total

Walking 9 to 5. What a way to spend your summer.

Today was actually more like 8 to 6 but I did take a 2 hr break in Hamburg, PA. Took a shuttle into town with another hiker. He had to do some shopping. I went to Taco Johns. Ate, read the Reading Eagle newspaper, then shuttled back out.

The beard is getting real. Another 10 weeks and I’ll be ready to audition for ZZ Top!


Imagine being in my brain for this one… The trail pops out of the woods and rocks onto a nice, smooth path (see below). I’m excited because I can really fly for what looks like quite a while. Unfortunately, after about 20 yards, I had to take the left turn back into trees (and rocks). Took this pic to say that PA isn’t all rocks. It was before I realized I was being conned. Whoever designed that little part of the trail is mean. What a buzz kill!

unnamed (1)

Hoping for another 18 – 20 miles today.

Happy trails!


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