June 26

Day 88 Windsor Furnace Shelter to JP Tentsite (18.7 miles) 1242.2 miles total

Another nice weather day and pretty good mileage. Made about 60 miles last 3 days. Shooting for NJ in 3 more days (54 miles).

Rocks are still beating my feet up and starting to tear up shoes too. May have to get another pair in NJ.

unnamed (5)

Got some nice views today. Makes a tough climb worth it when there’s a view at end.


Selfie practice. Starting to get the hang of it!

unnamed (1)

This is Eckville Shelter. Pretty cool place. Spent about an hour having lunch and hanging out there. Building in back is shelter (bunks and one of the few that is totally enclosed). Caretaker house is on left. Has a phone charging station, bathroom with running water, solar shower, and tenting area also.

unnamed (2)

Tenting tonight about 9 miles past there in the middle of nowhere. That’s why I named the tentsite after myself!

unnamed (3)

Weather for next 3 days sounds good so unless something unforeseen happens I should make Thirsty Thursday at Mason Street Pub.

When we lived in Lake Hopatcong we were 4 houses down from Mason Street. I’ve been there a couple of times. Kris would say daily but I’m pretty sure I missed a couple days during 5 years we lived there! Excited to see lots of good friends.

Happy trails!



One thought on “June 26

  1. Great job Just Pete. I sowed Franco and Tina (in Florence) yournew faciL hair today.

    Hey, I remember you walked to the bar on ICE during the winter!!!!


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