July 2

Day 94 PA 33 to PA 611 (15.5 miles) 1293.6 miles total

Happy birthday, Dad!

Finally moving again. Arm is OK unless I bump it. Toe is OK unless I stub it. Of course both of the unless’ happened a couple times today.

Day 94

Got a ride back out to Wind Gap, PA this AM from Jim. Hiking by 9. Most of day was on a ridge line so not a lot of ups and downs which is good.

Day 941

Below is the Delaware River. It forms the border between PA and NJ.


Got into town of Delaware Water Gap, PA about 2:50. Dawn and Franco pulled up to give me a ride back within minutes.

Felt good to get some miles in today. Fewer than 900 miles to go!

Happy trails!


7 thoughts on “July 2

  1. More gorgeous photos as always. I wonder what you’ll create from all these great photand commentary??? As always, proud and impressed with Just Pete. How nice to spend time with Brooke❤️


  2. Great to see you this weekend JustPete! I must say you’re looking none the less for wear, just a lot more beard than ever! Great talking with you, Bill & I really enjoyed your “tales”
    Keep your wonderful spirit!


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