July 3

Day 95 PA 611 to Millbrook-Blairstown Rd (14.0 miles) 1307.6 miles total 

Got a ride back out to trail from Rick. PA quickly in the rear view. 7 states down…7 to go! Next 4 (NJ, NY, CT, MA) should go by pretty quickly.

Rocks don’t magically end when you cross the border but are better.

Saw bear #3 today. It was going south about 20 yds off trail. Paid no attention to me. I even backtracked about 100 yds (hate doing that usually) hoping it would pose for a photo. Uncooperative. May have to use your imagination on this one!

You can see his head below if you look closely.

If you only know NJ from shows like the Sopranos, it’s way different here in NW Jersey. Lots of wildlife, forests, etc. Former neighbors, Jim and Mary Lynn) had a bear on their deck and there was one filmed swimming in Lake Hopatcong this week.

Below is Sunfish Pond, a glacial lake at 1400 ft elevation.

Some rock “statues” on the Pond.

Looking back to Delaware River. Pretty sure north end of photo is NY.

Not sure what this body of water is but pretty large and no development around it.

Dave picked me up at end of day. He actually got there more than an hour early and provided trail magic for 4 thru-hikers (plus me!). How cool is that?!  

Will hike a little over 14 miles today. End point for the day is right next to Gyp’s Tavern. Sounds as if there will be quite a few people meeting me there!

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “July 3

  1. Beautiful pictures as always. Everything is so green and so much water. We need rain here. Glad #3 just kept walking. It will be a fun time tonight with friends at Gyp’s Tavern. Wondering if you have seen the nice gal that worked at Mason Street Pub? So glad Brooke could see you a couple days. Stay safe. Love from MOM.


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