July 6

Day 98 High Point State Park HQ to Glenwood, NJ (18.3 miles) 1354.6 miles total

Really good day today. Hiked what I was planning on doing over 2 days because sounds like rain tomorrow.

My ride to the trail this AM was with the Lake Hopatcong News staff and Mary Lynn. They are going to do an article on my hike and connection to Lake Hopatcong.

Hiked by the High Point Monument. A Navy buddy (Ozzy) grew up near there and his grandfather worked on the construction of monument. Before I began hiking Ozzy asked me to say a prayer there for all active duty military and veterans. Got it done Ozzy!


Long walk on wooden path over marshy area. There will be several more areas like this up the road.

unnamed (1)

After I got past High Point there were few rocks and fairly flat terrain. Took me 2 hrs and 40 minutes to finish first 9 miles of day. That’s booking!

unnamed (2)

If I could have figured out how to carry this masterpiece for 850 miles, I would have made an offer.

unnamed (3)

Dave was there to pick me up in PM. He got there an hour before me to do trail magic. He’s really enjoyed that and I’m sure he’ll do it again after I’m gone from the area.

unnamed (4)

Two of my favorite “young” hikers have been Goddess and Ontario. I had seen them regularly from the end of Shenandoahs to Duncannon, PA. You’re never really sure if/when you will run into people again. Especially after you crash and take 3 zero days!

As Dave and I were getting ready to leave trail Goddess showed up with her friend, Mariah. Mariah is not hiking but came to see Goddess who was taking a zero today and out to show Mariah a bit of the trail. Had a fun time hanging out with them for a while.

That’s Goddess on the left. I’m the one in center!

unnamed (5)

Zero day tomorrow and then Saturday I’ll be leaving this area and back to reality.

Happy trails!

6 thoughts on “July 6

  1. So cool your gang from Lake Hopatcong has been involved in your journey. Can’t wait to see the newspaper article. Such wonder memories Just Pete!!!


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