July 5

Day 97 Culvers Gap to High Point State Park HQ (14.3 miles) 1336.3 miles total

Ed gave me a ride out to the trail this AM. He also picked me up in PM.

I’m getting pretty spoiled. Walk 14-15 miles, back for a shower, happy hour, dinner, and a bed to sleep in.

Photo below is from Sunrise Mtn. There is a really nice pavilion at top. Should have taken a picture.


Below is Mashipacong Shelter.

unnamed (1)

Weather was nice again today. Low 80’s and not too humid.

unnamed (2)

Enjoying NJ hike. Rocks lessening, terrain relatively flat, and I’m slack packing. Feel guilty for about half a second when I pass other thru-hikers.

unnamed (3)

Been planning for 10 mile days tomorrow and Friday. Possible rain on Friday. If that is still forecast in AM, I hope to do close to 20 tomorrow.

Happy trails!

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