July 14

Day 106 Clarence Fahnestock SP to NY 52, Storyville, NY (10.1 miles) 1434.1 miles

Good, good day! Didn’t get hiking until rain stopped about 11AM so pretty good mileage for short day.

Thanks so much for all of the support after my recent pity party! Received a large number of encouraging comments, messages, and gestures.

Lisa and Tom (Lake Hopatcong friends) drove up to the State Park today. They got there about time I left and my cell is on airplane mode so I missed their message. Bummer. Would have been great trail magic just seeing them! Thanks guys!

Glen (friend and former co-worker) sent me a link to Jimmy V’s “Don’t Ever Give Up” ESPY speech. One of greatest motivational speeches ever. If you’ve never seen it, watch it. If you’ve seen it but it’s been a while, watch it. If you just saw it, watch it again! Thanks, Glen.

Jimmy V speech
Then, just as I’m.packing up this AM, I get a text from our friend, Andrew. Mae is the daughter of Andrew and his wife, Susie. She is the reason the Down Syndrome Program at Boston Children’s Hospital is one of the charities I’m hiking for.

I became a brand new hiker today after this video (her brother, Drew) and the picture of Mae and Drew below. How can you not fly up and down mountains after that. Thanks so much!

Last night my tent was on a bed of leaves. You can see how dry it stays under tent when leaves are soaking up rain. You can also see where my pack was laying wrapped in poncho.

Today was mid-60’s with a few sprinkles of rain while I hiked. Nice change of pace.

Horse farm below ridge I just came down.

15 miles to Wingdale, NY. Hoping to stay there tomorrow night and get some laundry done. I need it…badly!

Happy trails!

9 thoughts on “July 14

  1. Awesome progress “just pete”. Sorry I missed you at thirsty Thursday but was in Colorado st my sons wedding. Absolutely amazed at your efforts.
    Finish strong!


  2. We were both so happy to read your blog today. Like you say, all your good wishes will help you and certainly the video of Mae and Drew. That was an instant motivator. Loved watching that. Take care, stay safe, and go Just Pete. Love from MOM


  3. Now if that doesn’t give you the motivation to finish I don’t know what would!!!! Love it. Keep a truckin’……you’re impacting so many. Love ya


  4. I think you are Awesome Pete! I’m late catching up on your journey but have been so amazed by your experience. The photos and your blog are fantastic and very inspirational. I can’t begin to imagine hiking the whole trail, and complained about the rocks when I hiked just one portion of the AT in PA. So sorry that Bob and I missed seeing you when you came through MD, but we were in England taking mini jaunts with my family. I know that you will persevere because you are hiking for wonderful reasons, you have a good attitude, and you have so many people rooting for you! Carry on proudly!!
    Susan & Bob Hood


  5. Jimmy V video and Mae and Drew video are so emotional, inspirational and uplifting! Love your blog and look forward to it and pictures daily! Thanks for sharing!
    Go Pete!


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