July 13

Day 105 Catfish Tentsite to Clarence Fahnestock State Park (5.5 miles). 1424.0 miles total

Heat and humidity for 3 days is more than I can take. I couldn’t mentally get myself to go another mile.
I have doubts about my sanity regularly out here but today was one of the few times I’ve questioned whether I can physically make it. Kerri told me to “keep my chin up” and Brooke said to “embrace the suck!” Ready for a bounce back day tomorrow!!
One of the lures for staying at the State Park is that there is a concession stand (burgers, etc.). The other is that I saw a sign inviting thru-hikers to stop by campsite #12.
Joe was there with sandwiches, cold drinks, and chairs…with backs.

Joe, 72, has never hiked the trail but has camped here regularly for last 15 years. Started meeting hikers and began providing trail magic 8 years ago. Thinks hikers are crazy but keep him young.

If you’ve got any extra mojo, please send it my way!

Happy trails!

14 thoughts on “July 13

  1. Just Jeff,

    If you make it all the way I’ll get you a case of Budweiser when you return. Also, will let you win for one day at golf. Soldier on!!!

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  2. If anybody can do it, You can. Stop and think of how far you have come and how many miles you have walked, you are awesome! Just yesterday at SDM the residents were asking how far you are, how you are, how great a thing to walk for SDM, they are in your corner too. Keep trucking, it will be over soon. it is nearly August and then September. Woo Hoo!! Love from MOM.


  3. Pete-

    You can do it!! It’s so inspiring to read your posts and see the pictures. Cold Buds, Coke and seats with backs are in your near future! Press on!



  4. You got this… If a zero day will help then take it. You’ve gone/come to far. Listen to your girls. Take your time & be safe. There’s light at the end of the trail.


  5. Jeff, you CAN do this! How many countries in the world have the freedom that a person can retire at your age and start on their “bucket list” on a journey that takes them through 14 states for a cause that will help sooo many? Keep on keeping on!


  6. Hey San Diego Pete, Delaware Dave here . I talked w friend Jess from Maxs in Fels Point. She was a thru Hiker 2 years ago and says you are coming to the Best part. Proud to be following along

    Semper Fi
    Delaware Dave


  7. Hello Just Pete, You might be in the Boston area when Walt is up there for the race. August 16-31. I can only imagine the hardship you are putting yourself through for charity but you are almost there. One day you will look back on this and have stories to tell your grandchildren. Walt is getting in shape to run the Falmouth 7 mile race for the 26 th time. His brother in law who is 70 with cancer in remission is also running the race. He wanted to meet you And maybe walk part of the trail with you. Perhaps you could take a break in the Cape? We are all so proud of you and wish you all the success in completing your mission. You have a beer Waiting for you after your golf game on our trail to your home. Best of luck hope the weather holds up for you. Pam & Walt


  8. Just drove from NJ to my mom’s in NC and said to Warren,hard to believe that Pete has walked this and then some. Wow!! Try to hang in if you can but if not, we are all very impressed with how far you have gone.


  9. Rock on Just Pete,
    Your courage doing this, inspires me. Thank you.
    “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
    Abraham Lincoln ~ Your living it! I’m praying for you. Your amazing!


  10. As I recall you telling me … “it’s 90% mental and 10% physical”. I get that it doesn’t always feel that way, but you’ll be fine – some really nice days coming up and some of the most beautiful country lies ahead! And, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t compare to a night carrier landing!
    Keep on movin’ – you’ll soon have a day as great as the last one was not so great!



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