July 24

Day 116 Main Rd to October Mountain Shelter (15.7 miles) 1556.9 miles total

Had a rain delay this morning. Rainy, windy, and chilly (low 50’s) early. I stayed at motel until they threw me out at 11:00. They didn’t actually kick me out but wouldn’t give me a late checkout. One of least “hiker friendly” places I’ve stayed.

No Uber so taxi’d back to Tyringham. Hiked in light rain for first hour or 2. Had to wear a jacket for first time in a while. Not supposed to get up to 60 today and intermittently strong wind.


Not many photo ops today. Most of the time in rain, fog, forest, or all of the above.

Have about 12 miles to Dalton tomorrow. Trail goes right through town…which is nice!

Happy trails!


One thought on “July 24

  1. How is the knee? I know your 21 days aren’t up yet. You will be happy to get to Dalton. I see only about 40 miles until you are in Vermont. Take care, stay safe. Love from, MOM


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