July 23

Day 115 Beartown State Forest to Main Rd, Tyringham, MA (11.3 miles) 1541.2 miles total

The last thing I do before packing up my tent each morning is review next water source, resupply point, and town stay.

This morning I realized that I would be 5 miles from Lee, MA. Was planning on being in Lee on Monday but I’ll be just as close today and can probably make it for end of British Open. Hike on!

Below is Benedict Pond which I tented near last night.


Entering the Berkshire Mountains. They run through MA. Cool old farmstead up on hill.


Entrepreneurship at it’s finest. This stand is about 100 yds off trail. Sodas, snacks, charging station. All on the honor system!


Made it to Tyringham about 12:30. Unfortunately had a difficult time getting ride into Lee and didn’t get to hotel until after 2:00. Missed end of Open but got to shower and do laundry!

Two days and I should be in Dalton, MA.

Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “July 23

  1. Way to go! Your blog is such an inspiration…..Thank you for taking the time to write to those of us that sit at our computers wishing we were on the Trail!!!!


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