July 28

Day 120 Sherman Brook Campsite to VT 9, Bennington, VT (16.8 miles) 1610.6 miles total 

Pretty tough going today. Muddy slop on most of trail. Several slips but no falls.

Repeating tent platform photo from yesterday. Turns out a story occurred. Remember this was my first experience with a platform!

In the middle of the night I had to get up to pee. Got out of tent, took my second step right off platform. Luckily missed large rock at left of pic. Landed on my heels. Didn’t fall but holy wake up call! Not sure where I thought I was.

11 states down…3 to go! Entering Green Mountains. VT border is also beginning of Long Trail which runs to Canada. AT and Long Trail are merged for next 100 miles or so.

When I got to hotel a guy asked if I was hiking Long Trail. Replied no, AT. “In VT we call that the Long Trail.” “I’ve been hiking AT for 1600 miles. Not changing what I call it.”

My heels are pretty sore…along with the other parts of my feet as normal. Will probably take a zero tomorrow to rest up for some big Green Mountain days ahead.

Happy trails!

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