July 30

Day 122 VT 9 to Just Pete Tentsite (15.9 miles) 1626.5 miles total

Rested up and ready to hike on.

Below are George and John. They’re the guys who hosted me yesterday. Kept me out a bit past hiker midnight (sunset) but I was able to sleep in. George and John picked me up about 10:30 and gave me a ride back to trailhead. Thanks for your hospitality, guys!


Great day for hiking. Sunny, low 70’s with a bit of breeze.

This view is looking down into Bennington. The hotel I stayed in was on Main St a little less than half mile from the thriving downtown business district. Walked that stretch a few times and looked directly at these power lines way up on the mountain. It’s about 1800 ft above town. Climb like that gets the blood flowing in the AM!


After that climb, most of the remainder of day was on the ridge line.

Tomorrow will have one big climb to top of Stratton Mountain. 1700 ft elevation gain in 3.8 miles.

Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “July 30

  1. Just wondering how your climb up Mt. Stratton went today? That was way up there according to the guide book. Hope you have had a good day of hiking. Stay safe. Love from, MOM


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